Client Success

These are just some of the examples of how we've helped non-profits like yours raise more funds and awareness.

Hospice North Hastings

400% increase in revenues from its social enterprise within months:

"I liked that they had listened to what I had told them in the phone interview and had gone over everything that I had sent as well as investigated our websites. They were prepared!! The questions were to the point. They exceeded my expectations. I like that they were specific. The solutions provided are very useful."

Youth Diversion

40% then 61% increase in revenues for its annual fundraiser:

"I am completely happy with Social Focus's process and the results. The team analyzed the situation, and made very insightful recommendations based on the data they collected. As a result of SFC's report, we expect that we will encounter significant improvements in the delivery and outcome of our annual fundraising event. Thank you for the quality of work, the professionalism, and the diligence in seeing the project through."

Connections Adult Learning

74% increase in year-over-year client registration

"I read your report - It is very good, thanks. Lots of ideas to digest. We still need to work to meet our year-end targets, but we are definitely improving."

Oasis Dufferin Community Centre

25% increase in participants for its annual fundraiser:

"The team did an excellent job in explaining the work required to meet the goals with good, detailed work. The solution is very useful and with the right team will be implemented well."

The Township of Central Frontenac

"Level of detail in the final (business) plan was exceptional. Think that for the cost, your services exceed that of other consultants. I know a few years ago the township spent considerably more on a consultant (for a similar project)."

Ottawa Senators Foundation

"I thought the team did a good job of understanding our business as it exists today. They were spot on with the SWOT analysis and the suggestions they brought forward were carefully thought out and backed up by facts. Overall this was terrific and valuable. Having the opportunity to engage a group of this calibre is rare for us so we would love to focus more on programs & initiatives that we already want to do but lack the time to properly plan them. Albert and the team were great to work with. They listened to our issues and came back with a solid understanding of our business, suggestions on how we can improve and the metrics on what success would look like."

Smiths Falls and District Centre for Youth

"The team gave an overview of what we offer, showcased our strengths and encouraged growth. They gave good pointers as we progress forward and created a welcoming atmosphere to engage in conversation. The solution provided is very useful."

YAK Youth Services

"The team exceeded our expectations. I was impressed with the depth of research that was conducted and the examples that were provided. I liked that there were several manageable suggestions made and not just one magic fix/solution. Our Board was impressed with the information presented and liked the feedback that the team had."

Southern Frontenac Community Services

"The presentation was well done (not slide reading)! I liked the SWOT analysis - perceptive and quite accurate. Suggestions on testimonials is definitely an area for focus and improvement. Thank you."

Seniors Association Kingston Region

"What the team did well: breaking down each strategy by indirect and target approaches. The on site interview to get a understanding of our work was excellent. The proposed solution gave us some helpful hints for social media - very useful as we explore this area further."

Epilepsy and Seizure Disorder Resource Centre of Southeastern Ontario

"Social Focus developed a great plan for a novel and fun campaign. It was apparent that a great deal of research and thought had been put into the presentation. Social Focus showed their dedication to us as a client by remaining in touch with the agency long after the project was completed, and by continuing to inform us of meaningful resources the agency could utilized in future events and campaigns."

Jennifer Ashleigh Children's Charity

"The Social Focus Consulting team did a great job of researching the issue and came well prepared. It was obvious they had experience with events and therefore could speak from first hand knowledge. The whole process was handled professionally and on time. For the size of the project, it exceeded our expectations. The recommendations will be very easy to implement. We felt the suggestion for our event was a good match and we will move ahead with the idea."

Telephone Aid Line Kingston

"We were very satisfied with Social Focus's deliverable, as it covered some of our main areas of weakness and was concrete in its objectives. The team was friendly, professional, had very clear recommendations and some nice tag lines! We found the solution not especially challenging to implement. While there are many people involved, the team consulted about how feasible we thought the goals were, and were open to any difficulties we raised. Overall, a great workshop!"

Sky's The Limit

"I am very impressed with the amount of time and effort that clearly went into preparing the report. The suggestions are great "reach" goals for Sky's the Limit, as they are simple but not something that we are necessarily currently doing. I believe the recommendations will help our team move towards a more focused goal via marketing, especially with regards to social media. As our staff is lacking in marketing backgrounds, these suggestions will help us reach simple and attainable goals with our current skills."

Art City in St. Jamestown

"The team did a great job outlining a project that is attainable and realistic. They provided us with specific actions and ways to follow through. They also provided us with the background information related to the project, which outlined past successes of similar fundraising efforts. The proposed solution is a very realistic one for us. We are already working with many student volunteers, now we have to work towards developing a fundraising strategy with the student ambassadors and staff members."

Martha's Table

"I am very pleased with the team's results for Martha's Table. I asked for specific information in several areas; who to contact, what are they looking for, how to present ourselves. All areas were responded to in full with the bonus of a few ideas for actual events. I had never considered organizing a conference as a fund raiser. It may be a very effective method for Martha's."

Hutton House

"The solutions suggested by Social Focus Consulting will help Hutton House further refine social media efforts and increase their effectiveness. The team had a genuine interest in Hutton House and provided good recommendations. Their knowledge and interest in social media was apparent. Thanks so much for the assistance!"

Abbeyfield Houses Society of Kingston

"We are very satisfied with the quality of the deliverable. Social Focus was efficient in determining what needs to be done and setting objectives. They delivered a document when they said they would. The document was well done, plain language was used and it was very professional and concise with achievable objectives."

Brigantine / St. Lawrence II

"The team was very well organized, very good at analyzing information gathered and presenting it in a useful way. The solution is very useful."

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