Our Roots

Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Social Focus Consulting was founded in 2011. Our founder, John Paul de Silva, is a born and raised Torontonian and has lived in various parts of the city including Parkdale, Crescent Town, and Malvern.

Growing up in these priority neighbourhoods and witnessing the challenges of poor housing conditions, lack of employment for skilled immigrants, substance abuse, robberies, and gang violence, John Paul understands the need for non-profits and community improvement initiatives. Watch this video, which originally aired on TVOntario, for more insights into his community involvement:

Driven to create a better life for his family, John Paul obtained an undergraduate degree in Toxicology from the University of Toronto and an MBA from Queen's University. He would further be challenged, however, during his career search where corporations placed more emphasis on prior work experience rather than skillsets, even for entry-level positions. Frustrated by this approach and motivated by his passion for community improvement, John Paul founded and leads Social Focus Consulting. The firm exclusively hires business students providing them with (often their first) professional experience. In turn, they leverage their knowledge of the latest technologies, the latest trends, and youth engagement in benefit of non-profits that are looking for innovative marketing strategies that lead to more funds and awareness.

To learn how this passion has translated into strategy, check out our vision, mission, and values. You can also learn how this passion has been captured graphically in our logo:

There are two main themes represented in the logo. First, it represents our belief that the creation of social value (depicted by the red in the middle) requires the collaboration of the three sectors (the three circles): private, public, and non-profit. Second, in creating social value, value is also created for our community which includes: our consultants (who gain professional work experience), our non-profit clients (who raise more awareness and funds), and our partners (who each have goals unique to the organization). Why red? It evokes passion, love, rebellion, excitement, and boldness...all appropriate words for who we are, how we act, and what we do for you!