Resources for Social Innovation

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News Sources

Check out some of our favourite news sources on the non-profit and charitable sector, event planning, innovation, business, and entrepreneurship. We use this content to improve as an organization so we can achieve our vision of social innovation.

- Charity Village ("the Canadian nonprofit sector's largest and most popular online resource for recruiting, news and how-to information")

- Event Manager Blog ("the Intelligence platform to run better events")

- Harvard Business Review ("Ideas and Advice for Leaders")

- Imagine Canada, 360 ("Bringing together diverse perspectives about social good.")

- Nonprofit Times ("The Leading Business Publication For Nonprofit Management")

- Smith Business Insight ("Management Thinking With Impact")

- Springwise ("The Global Source for Innovation")

- Stanford Social Innovation Review ("Informing and inspiring leaders of social change")


Check out some of our favourite organizations that help non-profits grow and thrive.

- Donor Engine ("Save your staff hundreds of hours of time so they can focus on making an impact, not wrestling with data. Donor Engine the all-in-one software solution for non-profit organizations.")

Learn more about why our company was founded and why we're so passionate about enabling nonprofits to help our communities.