Consultation Process

Our team follows a systemized business-oriented consultation process for every premium service project to ensure thoroughness and consistently high quality results. Ensuring our values are reflected in everything we do sets us apart from other firms.

Consultation Process graphic

Discovery Session
- Conducted by a Senior Consultant (experienced MBA), this is a highly critical stage
- Through skillful use of probing questions, we will uncover the biggest and most urgent opportunities for your organization to achieve its goals faster, cheaper, and better
-These opportunities are not always clear, which is why it's important to work with skilled professionals such as Social Focus Consulting

- Managed by a Senior Consultant throughout the rest of the project, the consulting team conducts comprehensive research on your organization, its competitors, its partners, its stakeholders, and trends so we have enough info to analyze the current situation

- We then analyze the research using business frameworks such as SWOT, PEST, Porter's Five Forces, ratio analysis, etc. to uncover the "stories" of what is currently happening

Solutions Delivery
- As the previous stages helped us understand your organization, its resources, and the current situation, the marketing strategy and plan we develop for you will be innovative and implementable

Evaluation & Follow-Up
- We typically develop two to three measurements (e.g. % of donations coming from new donors) to track how successful our recommendations are toward helping your organization achieve its goals
- We regularly keep in touch after delivery of the project to check your progress

We also provide a workshop service for organizations that have minimal resources or more urgent needs. Learn about our consulting delivery methods and the differences between the workshop service and premium service. If you're ready for a free no-obligation assessment, then let's talk.