Delivery Methods

To better meet the needs of our clients, we offer two types of consulting services: Workshop and Premium. In short, the Workshop Service is a heavily scaled down version of our Premium Service. Here are more details on how the two services compare in features:

Features of serviceA. Workshop ServiceB. Premium Service
Research tools and process - client intake form
- one follow-up meeting
- limited internet research
- client intake form
- multiple follow-up meetings, phone calls, and emails
- extensive internet research
- full discovery session
- survey of donor (or other stakeholder) motivations, perceptions, behaviours, and demographics
- resource audit of organization
Analytical tools - SWOT- SWOT
- 5 Why's
- survey results analysis
- competitor analysis
- financial analysis
- Porter's Five Forces
- etc.
Solution development / brainstorming limited time allocation + done only at workshop (<1 hour)extensive time allocation (25+ hours)
Full implementation chart and risk management plan noyes
Deliverable Powerpoint slide deckfull report
Time invested into project few hourshundreds of hours
Suitable for limited range of issuesall issues

To determine which type of service is better suited for your organization, let's talk. Otherwise, learn how we've helped clients succeed by raising more funds and awareness.